Jesus Mary & Joseph


I was on holiday on the small island of Gozo this summer. The island is Roman Catholic with beautiful churches but what i found interesting to photograph were the individual religious plaques that people adorned the fronts of their houses with.


thanks Stew.



In the 2010 snow.


We had a mini hen party at work and i baked a cake for the bride to be based on her blog logo!

Loco Film Festival

I was asked to design a poster for the recent London Comedy film festival 'Transformations' which took place all last week. The screenings were shown in the beautiful Wiltons Music hall, the longest standing london music venue of its kind. Definately worth a visit!

Its Nice That catch-up


Late than never...

After being featured on Its Nice Thats blog last year as part of their graduate postings they got in contact again with everyone a year on to see what we're all up to.

Another little raincircle!



I visited a beautiful manor house 2 years ago which was halfway through development, full of eclectic objects and furniture. Rediscovering the images on my hardrive was like exploring the house again for the first time.


A lil photographic idea I have had in my head for a while.



I created a poster design for LOCO's film festival that took part in London in March. They did'nt use it for the poster in the end but created little postcard giveaways for the audience!